About Us

Cherish the memory of your love one with a special and unique 3D casting. In Precious Casting, we make it possible to capture a precious moment and create beautiful hands & feet sculpture for you to remember how tiny and precious your little ones’ hands and feet. You may also forever keep the sculpture of your beloved spouse/ parents/ family/ friends and etc. Every tiny crease and wrinkle right down to the toe nails and fingernails is perfectly reproduced to make an authentic keepsake to treasure for generations to come. Your sculpture will be the only and special one in the world. Moulds are taken in the comfort at your home and will be ready for delivery/collection around 6-8 weeks. 

• Natural. Non-allergenic product 

• Quick, painless and safe 

• Professional service 

• Beautifully framed 

• Hand crafted & Painted with silver or gold color.

50% deposit paid on the day of moulding, remaining balance 50% payable on or before delivery. Cash or Cheque payable to “Precious Casting”. Special discount for clients who fully paid on moulding session.

Other than 3D casting services, we do customised gift for engraving and embroidery. Feel free to check more details from us!

留下最珍贵的回忆,最难得的一刻。。。 我们公司提供您立体手足印,保留宝宝娇小可爱的手足印,让父母珍藏宝宝成长的足迹;您也可以保留爱侣,父母,家人,好友等的手印,留住永恒的美好回忆,美好婚姻的鉴证,此外也可以作为怀念父母长辈的珍贵礼物 ~ 立体手足印是采用精湛工艺及技术和立体翻模所制作成的雕塑。立体手足印确保每一条细纹都一模一样,栩栩如生。它是世上独一无二,唯您独有的纪念品。它可以一代接着一代长久保留。。。 我们提供上门服务,您只需在舒适的家中等待我们为您服务。整个过程至达送上您的雕塑给您大约需要6-8个星期。 

• 全天然,无过敏反应的模型粉(海藻) 

• 简单,快捷,安全,无痛 

• 专业服务 

• 精美框框 

• 手足印彩上金或银色 

上门服务当天将会收取50%订金,其余的50%将于接收您的雕塑当天或送货前。现金或支票付给 “PRECIOUS CASTING”。 倘若您在取模当天付清全额,您将会享有特别折扣。