Will it hurt my baby/child?
Absolutely not. All materials that come in contact with the child's skin are completely organic and non-toxic. No known allergic reactions have been reported in thousands of cases around the world. The process itself is very gentle - feeling like dipping your hand into luke warm yoghurt. The only part of the process that can be tricky for a young child or baby is keeping still for the 1-2 minutes it takes to get a good cast. With babies I achieve this by trying to cast them when they are napping or having a feed or otherwise distracted by something they enjoy. With toddlers this is usually achieved with a mixture of distraction and reasonable force (parent holds child firmly by the wrist or ankle to help them keep still). With older children usually an explanation of what they will achieve is enough to persuade them. Remember that although your baby may cry, they are not being hurt in any way - simply annoyed with you for making them do something strange. For 1-2 minutes of annoyance you and they will get a lifetime of pleasure from capturing their tiny hand/feet in totally realistic sculpture. It is something you and they could never regret having done, and will provide endless fascination to them as they grow and compare the size of their hand/foot 'now' to how sweet and small it was 'then'.

What should we wear?
Both you and your baby should wear clothes that 'don't matter'. Casting can be a messy business and no matter how carefully we try to cover you up, one swift kick of a baby's foot can get you covered in product. The casting material does come out of some cloth with a process of rubbing with Fairy Liquid or other similar washing up liquid once it has dried, but this is by no means guaranteed.

Will the process damage our wedding/engagement rings?
Not at all. All I ask is that you rub just a little Vaseline or similar around any small gaps/stones/fittings to make cleaning easy afterwards. Then you simply rinse and rub and the rings should be as good as new. The casting process will pick up the most beautiful details of your rings, making your sculpture even more personal to you.

What happens if my cast doesn't turn out right, or has irreparable damage?
Most casts have some minor flaws to them when they first turn out such as air bubbles or water runs, which I clean up and re-sculpt by hand before i deliver your finished sculpture. It is very unlikely that you would have to do for a second moulding session. If I see that there has been damage to a mold and a remould session is needed, there is an extra cost of $30.

Payment Method

Payment can be in Cash, Cheque payable to "Precious Casting", or Bank Transfer to OCBC Bank under named Precious Casting, Account number 641-760400-001.

Outlet / Shop

We are total home based services, we do not have any outlet / shop for visiting. Our prices included 2-way Transportation to your place for moulding session and delivery.

Size and design of sculpture

All the hands and feet casts turns out differently. No perfect design as what you expected. The hands and feet design was decide by the baby him or herself.